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  • Delicate Exchanges 🌹// @bellamane 
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#bellamane #fashion #lifestyle #photography #model #photoshoot #seductive #portrait #portraitphotography
  • Don't make it so hard on yourself.
Model: @nbknbknbk 
For more check out my main photography  insta @frankellyvaldez
  • Worked on some cosmetic improvements for the house 🏠 #homeimprovement #philly #philadelphia #renovation #realestate
  • Happy Turkey Eating Day 🦃🍗
  • Old School Dominican Poses #dominican #family #pose
  • So many things to be thankful for that I can't fit it into a social media post, that's what I'm thankful for.
  • So, bring me beer and maybe I'll do some of those things to your daddy? How hurt do you want him? How far do I go? One punch? Two? The problem is, your daddy is a big fella. I imagine a couple of punches just gonna make him mad. He's gonna fight back. Then his buddies are gonna want to help out. I'll need to defend myself. Things will escalate, that's what these things do. They escalate. And violence... makes violence. It makes nothing much at all. 
#preacher #preacheramc #halloween
  • I leave my desk for one second...