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Hi, I'm Frankelly Valdez! 👋🏼 I’m a Product Designer based in Philadelphia, PA.

I solve problems through design thinking. I currently work full-time at IKEA designing digital products that help create a better everyday life for the many people.

General Design Work

Since I come from a generalist design background, some people may consider me a multifaceted designer. Here’s a little taste of other things I can do.

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Frankelly is best known for his user-centric design approach, his excessively trimmed beard, and his ability to write in the third person. He’s been working in the design and development industry for over 10 years. He’s worked with startups, financial institutions, small businesses, photographers, newspapers, magazines, promotional agencies, health tech, pharma, and more.

In his spare time, he likes to take beautiful photos, interview people on his podcast, and make music. He also likes spending quality time with his family. He reads a lot and believes that every day should be used to learn something new. Here’s his reading list.

What some people are saying about me

"His empathy and desire to understand the users resulted in intuitive and desirable interfaces that were quickly adopted by stakeholders. If I were to build my Product Team today, no doubt, Frankelly would be the first designer I would ask to come on board!"

Galina Sidarenka

Staff Product Manager @ CNN Business

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