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Hi, I'm Frankelly Valdez! 👋🏼
I'm a Product Designer based in Philly

I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at IKEA, where I design digital products aimed at improving everyday life for many people. With a focus on user-centered design and data-driven decision making, I'm passionate about creating joyful experiences that help both our customers and our business.

General Design Work

Since I come from a generalist design background, some people may consider me a multifaceted designer. Here’s a little taste of other things I can do.

A logo that reads "FrankThreads" over a grapefruit colored background, the logo has a 3d effect


Branding and identity, e-commerce web design

Two phones displaying the Marker Investment website floating in front of a green background

Marker Investments

Branding and identity, custom web design and development

A stack of stickers that spell out the word "Jawn" in a cursive typeface.

Jawn Stickers

Custom print merchandise design

I've worked with

IKEA logoeMoney LogoLincoln Financial Group LogoFidelity Investments Logo
An illustrated image of Frankelly Valdez in vibrant colors, very futuristic and sci-fi looking.


Frankelly is an award-winning Product Designer with 10+ years of experience in product design for various industries, including e-commerce, startups, fintech, software, small businesses, and more.

His skills include: Product UX Design, UI Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Product Strategy, UX Research, Omni-channel Design, Wire-framing, Prototyping, Motion Design, Usability Testing, Market Research, Agile Methodologies, Print Design, Branding, Illustration.

In his spare time, he likes to take beautiful photos, play his guitar and ride his electric bike around the city. He also likes spending quality time with his family. He reads a lot and believes that every day should be used to learn something new. Here’s his reading list.

Brag Sheet

Here is a list with a few examples of things I'm proud to say I've accomplished, or contributed to over the last few years in my career.

An image of a research participant holding a mobile device while sitting down at a table facing Frankelly, who is acting as the interviewer.

🗂 IKEA App Research Collaboration with Spain

Collaborated with the IKEA research team in Spain to research a new In-Store app feature by conducting interviews and moderated testing with participants.

A grid of multiple smartphones in a diagonal direction, displaying previews of the new store reviews feature

💰 $10.6 M Incremental Omni-channel Value

I helped ship IKEA’s first-ever store experience user-generated content feature, facilitating impactful positive change at a collective level.

A picture of Frankelly Valdez inside of an IKEA store, dressed as an IKEA employee

📝 Ran in-store UX Research

Ran intercept surveys to validate the criteria for a store experience UGC feature that has an end goal of facilitating impactful positive change.

A picture of Frankelly Valdez in front of a colorful gradient background being featured for an event from OffGrid Lviv

🤲 Speaker @ OffGrid Lviv

I delivered a presentation called “UX vs. UX for the real world” where I gave the UX process a reality check. This event helped raise over 200,000+₴.

A picture of the official Luma Institute Certified Practitioner stamp

📝 Certified LUMA Practitioner

I studied the LUMA methods and passed the exam to become a certified LUMA practitioner and immediately put it to good use!

A picture of the official Nielsen Norman Group UX Certified stamp

📝 Certified in Omni-channel design

I studied the NN/g methods and passed the exam to become certified in Omni-channel journeys and customer experience.

A picture of the official Nielsen Norman Group UX Certified stamp

📝 Certified in UX Strategy

I participated in training sessions and workshops using the NN/g methods and passed the exam to become certified in UX Strategy.

A picture showing a certificate earned form mentoring on ADP

🤲 Mentored on ADP List

- 300 Minutes
- 10 Mentees
- 2 Countries

A team deep into thought and collaboration inside of an office with glass walls, many sticky's and pages are taped to the glass walls.

📝 Ran design sprints

I facilitated the first-ever design sprint at eMoney. I later ran a retro to see how we could adjust the process to better fit our specific organizational needs.

A picture of "Let's talk about UI/UX" opening screen featuring all the speakers at the event.

🤲 Speaker at Microsoft Dominicana

In 2018 I shared my learnings on the UX design process with young design and development professionals.

A picture of the winning hackathon team on a stage featuring Frankelly Valdez and others.

🦄 Won a hackathon

Design the winning app in the 2017 eMoney Summit Hackathon, it was an app that onboards clients by scanning pictures of standardized tax forms.

A picture of the yahoo finance logo in front of a purple backdrop

✨ Design Featured in Yahoo Finance

In 2015 I helped redesign the Lincoln Financial Group retirement planning dashboard and it got featured in Yahoo Finance.

What some people are saying about me

"His empathy and desire to understand the users resulted in intuitive and desirable interfaces that were quickly adopted by stakeholders. If I were to build my Product Team today, no doubt, Frankelly would be the first designer I would ask to come on board!"

Galina Sidarenka pictured here wearing a navy blue button shirt and smiling

Galina Sidarenka

Staff Product Manager @ CNN Business

"I had the great pleasure of being on the same team as Frankelly at eMoney. I found that his designs always addressed the various stakeholders' requests, while ultimately keeping the user in the forefront."

A portrait of Caroline Byler, smiling and wearing glasses in front of a white background

Caroline Byler

Product Manager @ Envestnet

"Frankelly lives and breathes the user experience. He has an amazing talent for taking a challenging and cumbersome experience and turning it into something simple and enjoyable for all users."​

A portrait of Holly Cusack, smiling in front of a blurry background

Holly Cusack

AVP, Application Development @ Lincoln Financial Group

"His passion for bringing joyful user experiences to everyone is what separates him from other designers. His keen ability to perform interviews and usability tests with users will lead to comfortable, well-designed user experiences."

A portrait of Brandon Au wearing a black sweater with a white undershirt, glasses and smiling in front of a beige background

Brandon Au

Software Engineer @ OpenGov

"He is also a very wonderful person to work with. He is personable, collaborative, and supportive of all his teammates. He is eager to learn from others and has an excellent understanding of how to best partner with User Research."

A portrait of Justin Davis, smiling and wearing a purple button shirt and glasses with an off-focused forest setting in the background

Justin Davis

Senior User Experience Researcher @ Fidelity Investments

"Working with Frankelly has been a true pleasure. He is super easy to work with, dedicated, hardworking, and shows a true eye for design. He always strives to create solutions that are both visually striking, but also simple and intuitive."

A portrait of Justin Davis, smiling and wearing a purple button shirt and glasses with an off-focused forest setting in the background

Belcky Bayard

Front-End Web Developer @ Vistar Media

"Frankelly is a true team player and collaborator, he fostered a positive work environment and encouraged collaboration among all team members. His positive attitude and dedication to his craft made him a pleasure to work with."

A portrait of Justin Davis, smiling and wearing a purple button shirt and glasses with an off-focused forest setting in the background

Bryan Mey

Senior Software Engineer @ Villanova Tech

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